Long story short.

Looking to create the best vegan parmesan cheese, Vlendedful was born in our home kitchen 2017. We were searching for new ways to enhance our vegan lifestyle, especially looking for a way to mimic the beloved Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese taste other than using boring-plain nutritional yeast. Equal parts passion and my wife's cooking talent led us to keep experimenting until we discovered the tastes we had been seeking.

Despite having no experience as entrepreneurs, we decided to launch a business to offer the best vegan parmesan cheese. After several "oops" episodes (still having -and a bunch of them), packaging changes, label designs, recipe refinements, executive meetings at bedtime and even a name change, Vlendedful was officially born.

The inspiration for the name came, as these things often do, out of nowhere (sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, actually). It represents our “blend” of refined ingredients, “V” for "vegan"; and "ful" comes from the wonderful and delightful flavors we offer. The most important reason we chose this name, though, was to reflect the fact that we are a blended family with three boys and God as our guide.

It’s been an exciting journey and we’re grateful you’re helping us fulfill our dream of providing the best vegan parmesan cheese. Mindfulness, taste and devotion, it’s all inside for you to enjoy as you sprinkle delight on every dish you create.

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